Ford and Mustang Intake manifold. 4V, 2x4v, 3x2v, Ford Mustang Mercury Tunderbird Galaxie Torino Fairlane Cougar Eliminator Boss Cobra Jet Tunderbolt and Shelby.
Feb 15, 2007 · The 302 is a high revving engine, best suited to racing and high rpm applications, better have the right cam and good intake and exhaust manifolds. 307's can be made to run similar, but 305's are totally different in that they are just an underbored 350. The 327 and 350 are really the mainstay of streetable performance.
If manifold is used on 1996 and later engines (which do not have the bypass in the block), you must run a coolant bypass line from the manifold to the 5/8" hose nipple on the water pump (passenger’s side). Suggested routing is from the 3/8 NPSF boss on manifold to the water pump.
Do you want to have a better intake manifold but dont want to pay for a Cobra Jet? The 2018 Manifold has shown significant gains on all 11-17 5.0 Coyote Motors. It will make more power than a GT350 manifold as well, and only slightly less than a Cobra Jet Setup. Want even MORE power? We have the option of porting these manifolds as well!