Feb 17, 2019 · WTB: Garcia 6600 BCX Swap Board - $500 LIMIT ON ALL POSTS, INCLUDING WTB.
Bring in a big catch with the Abu Garcia® Ambassadeur C3-5500 Baitcast Reel Right-handed, which features 3 stainless-steel ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing for smooth operation and a 5.3:1 gear ratio for a fast retrieve that reels in 26" of line per turn.
Abu, Abu Garcia or Ambassadeur...whatever you call them, they are probably the best know reel company in the world. Now consisting of Ambassadeur, Mitchell, Shakespeare and Pflueger, the part numbers listed here will cover all 4 brands.
Buy an Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-5500 Round Baitcasting Reel: jhfi.sh/15X67Vp Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3-5500 Round Baitcasting Reel have been redeigned for 2013. These reels are much smoother than their predecessors.