May 30, 2009 · Nitrous also works best with motors that are stock or mildly modified. Those with more modified motors will not see as great an increase in power as non-modified ones. Nitrous works the same in different size motors,depending on kit size. Building a Nitrous Motor Guys who use Nitrous or build Nitrous motors professionally have a motto:
496 Bbc Nitrous Motor
Ohio Crankshaft offers a wide array of crankshaft applications for Ford, Small Block, Big Block, and LS Chevrolet, Chrysler and Pontiac applications. See our products below. ‘New’ Lightweight SBC CrankshaftsAn all new forging that moves the moment of inertia outwards, to make a lighter shaft with good harmonics. Available in 3.48″ to 4.125″ strokes, weigh 46 to 50 pounds. Targeted
The COPO nameplate is a nod to the Central Office Production Order system, which cunning Chevrolet dealers used to build one-of-a-kind high-performance models. In 2011, a new COPO concept was revealed at the SEMA Show.