Nov 24, 2020 · NZ Contours (Topo, 1:50k) - Land Information New Zealand | | GIS Data Map Mapping - LINZ Data Service - geospatial and related data from Land Information New Zealand. Download GIS data as Shapefile (SHP), FGDB, DWG, MapInfo, CSV, Google Earth (KML).
Oct 07, 2020 · WorldWind is different from a 3D globe like Google Earth because it is not an application. Instead, it is an SDK (software development kit) that software engineers can use to build their own applications. WorldWind provides a geographic rendering engine for powering a wide range of projects, from satellite tracking systems to flight simulators.
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If you’re a Garmin owner and aren’t aware of all the free maps available for your unit, you’re in for a treat. Detailed 1:24,000 scale topo maps are available for most states in the US, as well as for some foreign countries. We’re also beginning to see transparent trail maps that can layer on topread more