For GR Gas Ranges the product rating information is located on the bottom of the control panel, at the far right, just above the oven door. For RT Series Range tops & R Series Gas Range serial tags are under the left surface burner pan on the left side wall; o Remove the burner grates, burner rings and left most burner pan to view it.
Jun 02, 2015 · Wolf manages to preserve that sparser, more professional look while still offering lots of extra settings. High-heat burner performance aside, the DF304 is a good-looking range with a lot to offer, and its sharp, stainless steel design should fit nicely in most upscale kitchens.
Wolf Ranges Manual Online: Top Configurations - 60'' Range. RANGES & & R R ANGETOPS TOP CONFIGURATIONS OF 60'' RANGE Configuration New Model # Old Model # R606DC S60BKK...
Apr 11, 2015 · Wolf has a grates that go over 2 burners so it's twice as heavy. And underneath the grate is not a removable bowl, but a thin sheet metal surface that doesn't remove easily. You clean it there, on the stove. You can clean the Bluestar on the stove as well, but you have the option to easily remove the individual drip bowl.